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On Site Programs

  • Tutoring program in partnership with Mary Scroggs Elementary School. The Human Rights Center (HRC)is home to, among other programs, an after school learning center for students who wish to receive assistance with their homework and class projects. Moreover, through this program, the HRC also promotes the learning of computer and social skills through educational games conducted by Nancy Hilburn (a teacher from Scroggs Elementary School) and many enthusiastic and eager student volunteers from the University of North Carolina. The learning center is an active collaboration between The Human Rights Center, the University of North Carolina, and the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools.  On any given Monday through Thursday, from 3:00 until 5:00PM, students of different ages work together to build academic success, friendships, and self-esteem. All school-age children are welcome!


  • Beto's Compu: A group of Abbey Court residents gather most late afternoons and evenings to improve their computer literacy skills in Apt. E-4.


  • Community Empowerment Fund (CEF) is a non-profit organization developed by a group of devoted UNC students and community members seeking to alleviate local poverty by offering savings opportunities, micro-loans, financial education, and assertive support to individuals who are underemployed and unemployed. By creating better opportunities for employment, self-employment, and housing, CEF motivates participants to build personal assets, gain higher income, engage in a healthy community, and sustain transitions out of poverty. (


  • Health Focus is a group that works to raise awareness and increase activism for health issues by volunteering in health related areas in our community, recognizing current health disparities, exploring new strategies to address them, and encouraging ideas and practices to result in a healthier world.

    Contact: or Elise

  • Know Your Rights is a UNC student group that prepares and conducts a variety of workshops at the HRC, which are designed to inform the local population regarding their basic legal, medical, and immigration rights.

    Contact: or

  • Linking Immigrants to New Communities (LINC) is a UNC Campus Y student organization which primary mission is to help ease the transition of recent immigrants to North Carolina and the United States through student interaction and raising awareness in the community.  LINC provides English Classes at the Human Rights Center and a Children's Reading/Art program as well as classes that are more focused on conversation practice.
    LINC also connects UNC students with the immigrant community of Chapel hill and Carrboro to foster communication and building bridges of understanding. The amount of volunteers and community members involved in LINC has expanded greatly in due to the large need in the community and interests of UNC students to step outside UNC and work with the community (not for the community).

    Contact: or or visit LINC

  • Play Street Soccer is a program led by coach John Mulholland, who conducts informal soccer sessions at Abbey Court on Thursday evenings (5:30-6:30PM). The sessions are similar to casual pick-up games where players exercise decision-making skills, learn to cooperate, express their creative talents, and overcome differences (such as gender and race). Play Street Soccer is a nonprofit organization.


  • Saludamos is a program sponsored by the Sustain Foundation, which provides weekly instruction at the HRC in cooking nutritious meals, and, yes, yoga.


  • Technology Without Borders is a UNC Campus Y student organization committed to bridging the digital divide in all its forms. We work with local marginalized populations to provide them with digital literacy, training, and access to computers and the Internet at a free or reduced rate. We are currently expanding the reach of our community based wireless networks beyond Abbey Court to other apartment communities in the area. We work with a wide variety of populations, however, our target populations are low-income families, youth, and the homeless.

    Contact or

  • TABLE, Inc. is a Carrboro-based, non-profit hunger relief organization.  Its Mission is to bring together UNC college students and local community members to feed hungry elementary school children in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. TABLE currently runs two food delivery programs for elementary school age children who are at risk of hunger during weekends and times of the year when federally subsidized (“free”) school meals are not available.  The Weekend Meal Backpack Program packs up food distributed to children for the weekends, and TABLE-To-Go offers meal-sized parcels of nutritious food to children and their families.  TABLE’s goal is to put healthy food directly into the hands of hungry local children.

    Contact: TABLE

  • Girl Scouts (Troop #) mMeets every other Friday at 3pm.


Partner Organizations

  • CALDO is a network of organizations and people that meet once a month regarding Latino issues in the community.


  • El Centro Hispano is a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to strengthening the Latino community and improving the quality of life of Latino residents in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro and the surrounding area.

    Contact: 919-945--0132 or visit ECH

  • FoodShare is a non-profit organization that works with local farmers and local residents to provide fresh, locally grown food from surrounding areas to those who are food insecure in Orange County, including residents of Abbey Court. Their goal is to combat food insecurity while supporting farmer livelihoods by raising awareness, funds, and fresh produce to create a sustainable local food economy. Food is brought from the Farmers’ Market to Abbey Court on Saturdays. We start this process at 11:50am.


  • Orange County Partnership for Young Children provides gardening opportunities for Abbey Court refugee families with young children.


  • Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association (RENA) begun in 1972 when residents were faced with the local governments’ decision to site a regional landfill in the community. RENA was registered as a 501(c)3 organization in 2007, and the Human Rights Center has joint programs with them.

    Contact: (919) 929-1700 1704, Purefoy Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27156

  • WhyEquals is a nonprofit using a new model to develop information resources and provide sustainability to the community's wireless network.  It offers net literacy courses and usability testing in tandem.  Rather than only bringing  community members up-to-speed with web technology, it customizes this technology  to meet them half way.  In doing so, WhyEquals plans to serve the information needs of community members as it drives more traffic to a go-to community information resource website that is attractive to advertisers and users.

    Contact: 919-200-6662 or


Our thanks to the following: Aasha - devoted to creating bridges between UNC students and Bangladeshis, the Hermanos of the Alpha Iota Chapter of La Unidad Latina, and the Campus Y. Moreover, for their generous contributions, the staff of the HRC also thanks The Town of Carrboro, Ben and Jerry’s, the PTA, Strowd Roses, the Community Triangle Foundation, and Alpha Phi Omega of UNC.


501 Jones Ferry Rd. Carrboro, NC 27510

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